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At AutoHQ, we build and tune cars the Japanese way,
the way vehicles are built and tuned reliably for perfectly balanced performance.

We encourage our customers to carefully select the best performance modifications considering their goals and current set-up.

Our tuner, Shigenori "Shiggy" Ara, comes to us from Japan with immense experience,
having tuned almost every popular modification designed for performance-oriented Japanese vehicles including:
Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota etc...

Click here to see a list we mainly offer

EcuTek now offers ECU tuning solution for 86/BRZ/FR-S!!!.
Also EcuTek now offers special custom features called "RaceROM".
RaceROM feature is available for almost all DBW subaru ECUs and
it provides special features like flatfoot shift, auto blip etc...
We have employed all of the equipments, ask us for tuning!

At AutoHQ, we offer custom tuning using EcuTek reflash software for Subaru and Mitsubishi ECU remap *,
or we carry any standalone or piggy-back style ECU when tuning for other brands.

*Because of unique relationship beetween Shiggy and EcuTek,
we do NOT do ECU remap using COBB AP or any other ECU reflash software,
to reflash any cars which EcuTek does support, sorry.

We tune very thoroughly and carefully, using many professional equipments.
"Performance" isn't always represented by just a "number" on dyno-sheet.
It doesn't tell everything of what your car drives like.
"Performance" should also be achieved as a form of balanced, reliable smoothness and drivability.

We provide long-term, trouble-free power and response.
Our expertise and experience building and tuning cars at AutoHQ ensure that your tune will be a success.

Come to AutoHQ to have your car built and tuned for balanced performance!

-Tuning weeks-

He's coming back...soon...
We are planning next tuning week soon.
Come and ask us for reservation availability!

Because of that our tuner is not living in US, the opportunity to have this quality service for your car is VERY LIMITED.
When you think about get your car tuned by us, you should think about the opportunity from the following periods.

Our tuner comes to AHQ almost twice or three times a year, it is usually somewhere around:

  • Later March to Early April
  • July or August
  • Later October to Early November

    Every "Tuning weeks" are usually two weeks at a time.

    However, PLEASE NOTE, generally we DO NOT tune any customer's car without any proper preparations.
    So, it is NOT possible to fulfill the request like

    "I want get my car tuned! Can you do it today if I drop my car now?"

    Every single car must be CAREFULLY checked its health and must get proper maintenance before get tuned.
    Some fix or parts replacement may be required before or while tuning, due to unpredictable problems.

    Tuning needs to be well planned and requires plenty of time to finish.
    Please DO NOT EXPECT an instant service like while you wait with a cup of coffee.

    When you need to have some parts installed before tuning, even more time will be required for preparation.
    Again, time is regrettably limited. Ask us now to plan your tuning!

    P: 650.368.3290   C: 408.203.8513   F: 650.368.3509   E:info@autoheadquarter.com
    230 Villa St., Mountain View, CA 94041

  • We are offering:
    Greddy e-manage
    Power FC
    F-con V Pro