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Still bending fender lips by your hand and hammer? -

Call us now!
Let us do it before you damage fenders and say "damn..."

When you say "damn...", it may be too late.
Let us do it before it's too late. We are very happy to now offer FENDER ROLLING.

We can do it with much better finish and much less risk of fender/paint damage*!
*best-effort basis. This is NOT something like we guarantee.

Vehicles with OEM struts:
$75 per corner
$275 for all four corners

Vehicles with coilovers:
$100 per corner
$375 for all four corners

Here is a picture to show you how fender rolling works. We carefully bend up the inside edge of the fender lip to make room for clearance of wider tires, especially on lowered cars.

Please contact us for an appointment.

Below you will see an album of cars we have rolled!
1.   Brandon's 04 STI

Running Volk Racing CE28N Gold 17 x 9 wheels with Bridgestrone Potenza RE01-R 245/40/17 tires. Reason for roll: Rear tires were rubbing very badly in the rear.
Of note, the right rear quarter panel, the lower part including the lip is made of Bondo. We were able to succcessfully roll up the lip so that the tires do not rub without cracking the Bondo or exterior paint. Additionally, the whole car has aftermarket paint, and yet rolling the fenders produced no paint cracking or anything unsightly at all.
Kevin Magic, works like a charm.
2.   Black 08 STI   

Customer came in running Volk Racing CE28N Gunmetal 18 x 9 wheels with Dunlops 245/40/18 and having slight fender rub in the rear. Kevin rolled his rear fenders and the resulting rolled fender lips were so smooth and perfect. Brandon took these photos and was jealous that his fenders were not as perfect!
2.   Blue 04 STI   

Long time customer came in to fender roll his rears. He is using 17 x 8.5.
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