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We carry most of performance parts brands and
we can get almost any JDM parts from Japan -
Ask us!

When customers ask us to get parts, we usually don't just sell whatever asked.


Whatever product you are about to buy does NOT always, unfortunately,
give you the performance which you imagined or expected.

We have plenty of experience of those parts and know what should be most viable to buy to make your purchase successfull.
We always carefully listen to you to see what you are expecting from the product, then give you some suggestions and options to achieve your demand.

It is just for your saticsfaction, rather than for our profit persuit.

Performance-product brands that we sell most frequently are shown right.
Almost anything in the market we can sell to our customers for fair prices.
We have good connection to JDM parts market,
we can get almost any of JDM products for you.

(even it is not automotive-related!)

We also have engines and complete vehicles imported/exported for customers.

Also, please beware.
You shouldn't choose the shop to buy only from the standpoint of price!
Think about it. After you get some performance products, who's gonna install?
True performance will unveil only when installation and adjustment is done right.
You'd better to choose carefully whom to ask for installation.

We have plenty of knowledge of products and experience of installing them correctly. And we are providing you "one-stop" complete care
of your car and parts.

Consult, Order, Install, and Care after all.
Everything is here for you.

Use the links in banners to find products you like,
and then Ask us from here so we can get you awesome prices!
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230 Villa St., Mountain View, CA 94041