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Meet the A-Team.
Kevin Wong: Chief Mechanic / Owner

ASE-Certified Master Technician
(Advanced Level Specialist in Automotive Advanced Engine Performance)
Official Subaru / Honda Master Technician

Kevin built his experience in dealership for 8 years before founding AutoHQ in 2003.
Before coming to US, he was working for about a dozen Hong Kong based race teams.
His officially certified techniques are proven quality in the market
which gives you the best result in drivability and reliability.
He can do almost everything essential for vehicle mentainance like parts installation,
diagnostics, engine rebuilding, suspension set-up etc...

Kevin is basically not too friendly when speaking about motorvehicle.
Sometimes his word may sound too severe or not too friendly to you.
This is because of that he hates wrong knowledge or installation methods in the market
based on many misunderstandings.
He wants all customers NOT to be unhappy with the performance which lead by those things.

However, don't hesitate to ask, and you'll know what you should do.

Off at the business, Kevin is very friendly. Just come over, speak to us,
and spend your time to find AHQ is the best place for you.
Shigenori "Shiggy" Ara: Engine Caribration Tuner

Our tuner, Shigenori Ara, comes to AHQ from Japan with immense experience,
having tuned over hundreds of popular modified JDM cars including Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota.
Shigenori is not always in AHQ, though frequently travels to the US for tuning.
His professional tuning and data acquisition experience is for the last ten years.

Some people are surprised to see him because he doesn't look so old and experienced.
After customers bring their car back to home, they are surprised moreover at the result.

Come to ask us, and feel the tuning.
You'll find why AHQ is working with Shigenori, rather than hiring someone in US.
Shigenori is usually in AHQ twice or three times a year, about two weeks at a time.
When you see him, you're lucky. Think about doing something.
P: 650.368.3290   C: 408.203.8513   F: 650.368.3509   E: info@autoheadquarter.com
230 Villa St., Mountain View, CA 94041